My photo stories are detailed portraits showing ways of life.  Having lived in London and LA, and shot all over the world,  I'm now setting roots in Bath, UK. 

Photographing stories here in the west country, provides a new rural subject matter, such as country homesteads, working farms, designer-makers, traditional trades, and home-grown produce.  Many of the stories will be featured in the local BathLife magazine, where I have an ongoing series.  

If you'd also like video footage, I have nearly 15 years of experience working with top directors and videographers, so just let know your budget and I can commission some film footage to suit your needs

One of my photography projects is currently a travelling exhibition. The portrait series about Native American culture has grown into a complete cultural experience with Native speakers, music, dance and workshops incorporated into the exhibition. It will be on show at The American Museum of Bath until Nov 29th, 2015, after which it will be returning to the US for another show. This travelling exhibition is available book for your museum, cultural centre or school, simply email and ask about availability.

To see more, please visit: www.WaysoftheWorldExhibits.com

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If you are local to Bath, I also founded The Workshop Cabin which provides various arts and crafts and lifestyle workshops with different instructors at several locations around Bath. See what's happening this month at:



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