Bath Harvest Rapeseed Oil

Wilmington Farm lies in beautiful rolling hills only ten minutes from Bath, on Duchy of Cornwall land. The Prince visited a few years ago and even though he's well known for being an olive oil fan, he stamped his approval on the production of this healthy, omega 3 filled alternative.  The advantage of Rapeseed oil is that you can cook it at higher temperatures than olive oil, it's filled with more Omega goodness and it doesn't taste as strong. 

Debbie Keeling set up the business at her farm a few years ago and facilitates the process herself, from distilling, to bottling and attending the farmers markets. The day I went to visit, there were several chefs being shown around and restauranteurs, all interested in finding out about the local produce

Wilmington Farm has been in Debbie's husbands family for four generations. The site used to have a building noted in the Doomsday book, but the old house was rebuilt in the 1970's. An old well was discovered recently in the vegetable patch. The Keeling's also farm cows and corn, and have two pet lambs called Ollie and Bear Grylls. 

Bath Havest Rapeseed Oil can be found in many local shops around bath, as well as the Newton St Loe Farm Shop near where they live.  It's available in different flavours such as lemon, basil, rosemary and chilli





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Debbie and Matthew Keeling

Rapeseed Oil production at Wilmington Farm

Wilmington Farm, Somerset