Meticulous Ink was founded by Athena Cauley-Yu and Charlie Cumming, who both take great pride creating meticulous, bespoke stationery and invitations.

Their store includes two large Heidelberg letterpress machines. From wedding invitations, to business branding, the business offers logo creation, cards many forms of stationary combining design and traditional print techniques.

Letterpress is the earliest method of print with a press. An ink plate is pushed onto board or paper, leaving an impression and the ink behind. Athena also offers a hand-written calligraphy service for that personal touch (and workshops for anyone wishing to learn)

Photo story published in BathLife magazine

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Zoe and Athena @ Meticulous Ink, fine stationers and letterpress, Walcott St, Bath, UK

Athena Cauley-Yu @ Meticulous Ink. Calligraphy and fine stationary services, Bath, UK

Athena & Zoe @ Meticulous Ink fine stationery 

Zoe @ Meticulous Ink. Heidelberg letterpress