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Simon White living a simpler life on the river Avon

Simon White has chosen to live a simpler life, on the river Avon, aboard an old life-saving raft which he's converted into his home.  It seems more and more people are opting to live off-grid these days, and revert back to a simpler style of living, without many of the utilities and mod-cons we are used to.

Instead, as the mist rises from the water on a foggy, Autumn morning, Simon can be found sitting on the roof of his boat, whittling a wooden spoon and looking out across the river to a Cormorant, which stretches it's wings to dry out in the dewy haze. 

He has everything he needs - a great view, a good community, a warm wood-burner to keep him toasty in the evenings, solar panels for power, a compost toilet, shower and internet and phone access. What's more, he lives without high rent, large utility bills and basically very few overheads

Life on the River

He crafts his spoons, bowls and other items from the wood he has axed on his deck and has a pedlars license to sell them around Bath. You can also find him at the Bath Christmas Market this winter and he teaches workshops through The Workshop Cabin

Simon White whittles wooden spoons

The boat was recently featured on George Clarke's Amazing Spaces TV show, which explained the space-saving techniques and skill needed to create the cozy, floating haven