"Spirit Hawk Eye: A Celebration of American Native Culture"

These images are a selection from a complete travelling cultural exhibit.  Twenty framed, archival black and white prints were on display for a year at The American Museum of Britain until Nov 2015

The portraits depict contemporary Native Americans, with a  particular focus on the Southwest. The images highlight the spiritual, artistic and enduring heritage of diverse Native communities and include ways of life important to Chumash, Paiute, Iowa, Comanche, Apache, Hopi and Zuni peoples.

The exhibition includes text panels further explaining the story behind each person photographed, and many of the subjects also give talks and workshops to further educate and spread the word about Native culture. The American Museum raised funds to bring across three of the people photographed for an in-house residency. Music, arts, crafts and dance all culminate in a complete, cultural experience. 

Images available for hire are all museum quality, archival pigment ink on fine art paper (all black & white). Colour images available for editorial

Exhibited at:

2015:  The American Museum in Britain, UK

2013: Talisman Gallery, Santa Monica, US

Photos from the exhibitions and workshops: (Images may take a moment to upload):

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x4 images: 26 x 26". x16 images: 16 x 16"

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Press includes: 

The Telegraph: Cotswold Life; Swindon Advertiser; The Bath Chronicle & Weekender; The Bath Magazine; Cowboys & Indians magazine; Powwows.com; Photoserve; Navajo Times; Art Ltd; Photo Professional Magazine; Black & White Photography Magazine; The Guardian Arts; etc

For more photos from this series please email heidilaughton@gmail.com