The Bindery

Nola sewing pages, @ George Bayntun bindery

It was such a delight to photograph at the George Bayntun Book bindery in Manvers, St, Bath this week. Walking into the store is like walking into a museum. The shop at the front and the bindery in the back haven't changed since the business moved into the building in the 30's. Some of the talented professionals working in the bindery have been honing their skills for a long time, some for more than twenty years. 

Part of the process involves "forwarding" which is essentially preparing the books for binding, sewing the pages onto linen cords, preparing leather, paper and other materials used in the process, and gilding with gold to protect the pages from moisture and dust and headbands are sewn with silk thread

Tools are heated in the "finishing" process in order to letter or decorate the book in gilt or blind.  This bindery has thousands of tools and zinc & brass blocks.  The clock which can be found in the bindery is the old "clocking in" timer which historically, the staff used to clock-in their work hours.

The tools @ George Bayntun Bindery

The current owner of the business, Edward Bayntun-Coward told me a great anecdote about why the bindery is painted green - his grandfather had bought some green paint in bulk which was going cheap from the local mental hospital because apparently the colour was disturbing the patients! 

The Bindery

The manager Jeremy Peters, and all the staff were super sweet and gave a lot of their time to show me around and explain many of the processes. Thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome. It was a real honour to have shot there. 

Jeremy Peters, Manager @ George Bayntun