Life in Lavender

I felt like I was in Provence last weekend, but in fact I was only 20 minutes from Bath, in the village of Faulkland, where Somerset Lavender Farm lies nestled amid flowering gardens of lavender, sunflowers and healing herbs. A short break of lavender white tea and lavender cake (well when in Rome!) added to the general fragrance of the day


I was waiting for a butterfly to settle but it never happened so I made do with a snail!


The cabbages in the kitchen gardens were gloriously back-lit and I loved this sunflower field


My abundant country life!

Bath Harvest

Lamb at Wilmington Farm

It was so cute today to find two lambs at Wilmington Farm, one called Ollie and the other Bear Grylls.  Debbie Keeling and her husband produce a top quality Rapeseed Oil at their Farm in Wilmington, and I was invited to an open day to find out more.  They were also showing around some chefs and restauranteurs, including these guys (below) who are in the process of opening a new restaurant in Bradford-on-avon called "Bunch of Grapes". They already have a venue in Bordeaux, France. Can't wait to try it out!

Debbie Keeling showing guests around her farm

cows at Wilmington Farm