Welcome to my new website and my personal photography blog. Here you will find information about all the latest shoots, with tips, events and teasers about new work coming up. Every 6 months I also send out an email newsletter. If you'd like to get onto this mailing list to hear about updates, then please email me: heidilaughton@gmail.com

If you like what you've seen here on the website, you might wonder where I learned my craft?  I spent most of my earlier career working in the music industry, commissioning all visual imagery such as photo shoots and music video shoots. Hence I've been in creative services for many years, dealing with top photographers, agents, directors and production companies. After I left Sony Music, I moved to Los Angeles, where I worked as a professional photographer myself for 6 years.

Mostly I went on workshops in order to learn different aspects of photography, including photojournalism courses with the likes of Steve McCurry and David Bathgate, as well as some specific lighting courses in LA. Mostly I learned by experimenting, practising and googling! There is a lot you can learn from youtube! For example, I shot the Native American project all on medium and large-format film cameras, and had to google how to use the 4x5  (you know, the type with the bellows)! It was certainly a challenge when dealing with the dust and winds in the deserts of New Mexico! 

I hope you enjoy my work. Please email if you like to contact me for editorial commissions or if you'd like a shoot to enhance the imagery of your business product/website/advertising materials.