Autumn Calendar

A fun day spent shooting an Autumn calendar for the Kari Young family. We shot in the wilderness of their garden where the woods start, and the autumn leaves and winter woolies really added to the atmosphere. Props included a pumpkin, teepee, wooden chest, hats, scarves and conkers and even a zip line in some shots! The girls were a delight to work with. Kari Young intends to print and frame some of the images and to create a calendar to give as christmas presents for friends and family. 

Thank you to Zena Whalley for being photography assistant on the day

What a little munchkin! 

Product shoot for Lucy Simon Designs

Lucy Simon Designs: handmade candles

It was a treat to shoot for Lucy Simon today. Lucy owns a homewares store on Bartlett St in Bath, called "Article" where she sells locally produced artisan work and produce. In addition, Lucy also designs and makes her own scented and beeswax candles. The store changes seasonally so keep checking back to see new items on offer, many of which are hand-made.

Lucy Simon @ Article, Bartlett St, Bath (and her friend's dog, she was looking after for the day!)

Lucy will also be running candle-making workshops shortly. I might join up! It's so great to see the rise of designer-makers in Bath. It seems there's an endless realm of creativity here. 

"Article", Bath, UK

I'm so glad to have photographed the beautiful items in Lucy's shop. I've suggested we shoot four times a year to keep her website updated with seasonal changes.  Thanks Lucy for the lovely homemade pate sandwiches for lunch too!

33 Shake sports nutrition

33 Shake, Sports Nutrition

Early in the New Year, I shot a presentation on behalf of 33 Shake, an endurance sports nutrition brand. The shake consists of 33 superfood and is super healthy for anyone wishing to have an immune boost (or wishing to partake in any endurance feat!). Erica and Warren Pole, founders of 33 Shake went to Bristol to give the editors of 220 Triathlon magazine an early morning short, sharp workout! 

Helen & Matt @ 220 Triathlon magazine, Bristol

Surprisingly, they seemed to enjoy it! The shake went down well too and the next day, the procedure was repeated again, this time with Road CC in Bath.  It was great to hang out with Erica & Warren, thanks for having me to shoot!


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Mostly I went on workshops in order to learn different aspects of photography, including photojournalism courses with the likes of Steve McCurry and David Bathgate, as well as some specific lighting courses in LA. Mostly I learned by experimenting, practising and googling! There is a lot you can learn from youtube! For example, I shot the Native American project all on medium and large-format film cameras, and had to google how to use the 4x5  (you know, the type with the bellows)! It was certainly a challenge when dealing with the dust and winds in the deserts of New Mexico! 

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