Solsbury Honey

Pete Davis and his wife, have about 60 colonies of bees, scattered across the hills surrounding Bath, including in the foothills of the famous Solsbury Hill, after which their honey is named.  The Davis family make honey, wax candles, wax blocks and hand cream which they sell in the local farm shops.  All the ingredients are completely natural

Beeswax candles burn with no smoke, and clean the air each time you use them.  The negative ions it produces while burning even get's rid of dust, mould, dust mites and toxins in the air!  It's non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. The Solsbury honey is silky smooth, and Pete also produces a creamier version as well as a limited edition of Heather Honey, which he gets from taking a colony for a six week vacation in the exeter moors. 

The colonies all have different temperaments, some bees swarm out aggressively and others are gentle with an inquisitive nature.  

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Pete Davis, attending his hives and the Solsbury honey he produces for the farm shops

Pete Davis from the Bath BeeKeepers Association, and his Solsbury Honey